What are Taboos for the First Dates

Read a list of forbidden acts which is not worth doing for men on the first date. Never, if you want to succeed.

  • To mention your ex

If the person with whom you are meeting shows an unhealthy interest in your past, you should:

a) characterize her predecessor in a calm way;

b) make a note for yourself that she is too persistent.

  • To fantasy a lot

It’s not a fact that the girl will like you precisely because of the information about great achievements in sport, 5 foreign languages ​​and real estate in Portugal. But she will definitely be disappointed and broken off when it later turns out (and this is inevitable) that the only thing you can boast about yourself is a high level of imagination.

  • To compare

“With your blond hair, you look like Lindsay Lohan!”, ” You speak a word for word, like my mom,” – compliments, based on the comparison, are dangerous.  And you still do not know each other well, so the probability of a misunderstanding is critically high. It is not excluded that, unlike you, the girl considers Ms. Lohan to be the right role model, etc.

  • Declaration of love

You may not believe me, but among men, there are strange types who, after 5 minutes of chat, begin to grab women’s hands, confess about their love and invite to officially tie a knot without waiting for dessert. Probably, it seems to them that this is such a trick – to impress the girl with their hyper-spontaneity and emotions. At the same time, it is obvious that, at best, one in a million will respond with “Superb! I love you too! Ran quickly to marry!”

  • Do not make your intentions clear

You will be surprised, but many girls, having come home after a perfectly organized date, experience a kind of self-doubt and begin to reflect on the topic “What if, in fact, he didn’t like me?”. In the case, you definitely liked the lady, and you would not mind to repeat-continue-deepen relations, you must make a “control shot to the head.”  Simply understand: in the very final, unambiguously and openly let the girl know that she is cute. Lyrical passages that it was the best evening of your life will be OK. And attempts to negotiate the next date. But the leader of the charts is still a romantic SMS. For a girl, this is a kind of material evidence that your burning eyes really were burning with interest.

As you see, there are no secrets at all. Everything is as easy as pie. All you need to read this article several times in order to make the right conclusions and remember key points.

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