Tinder: Pros & Cons

A younger audience compared to other dating sites, the ability to write only after you have coincided attraction.

Tinder Gaps

  • Only suitable for large cities.
  • Full of users with poor pictures (only body, no face, etc.), which is not allowed on many other sites, it is impossible to see when a person was last online.
  • There is no way to sort by race/nationalities.

It is time to admit: Tinder deceived us. How many times have you had perfect or fantastic sex? It seems that it is not very much. And they say that the problem is not only in the algorithms of this platform.

With the advent of the “normal” dating application, someone hoped to find a couple, someone – sex for one night, but in the end, very few people are satisfied. With this app instead of a quick cocktail with a beautiful woman, two hours of boredom is guaranteed. Instead of having sex with a hot chick, you find yourself with a rather unpleasant lady.

According to statistics, pairs coincide more than ten billion times. It may seem that the percentage of sane users tends to zero. This feeling fully reflects life. It is a pity, screenshots of some profiles cannot accompany this text. Advice to men: look through the girl profiles and be very careful. Tinder is doomed to working as an online store, which turns the relationship into a series of interviews.

But what are the pros?

  • But we live in an era of “no time to explain,” and for the general tone, all means are good.
  • In addition, any close relationship – is the mutual manipulation and consumption of each other: emotional, physical and often material. And we don’t want to consume anyone. Dating apps make natural selection obvious and seem to make life easier, but a quick and clear request does not guarantee the jackpot.
  • The blame is capitalism. As you know, now Tinder Рlus exists: for money, you can return to rejected users and look for a couple outside your region. Here millions hanging around. “Are you in Moscow?” – “I will be soon”. They say that there is even a Tinder Select option – for the particularly attractive and wealthy, at the personal invitation from the program or from someone with a high social profile.

The creators of this “sex assistant” do not comment on this caste system, but the logic is clear. And without opinion polls, it is clear that wealthy women choose a couple with equal or greater incomes, and rich men prefer young nymphs.

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