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Job Seekers

We can help you launch or boost your career in the U.S. Take a look what we have to offer.

Whether you are looking for a new challenging position in the U.S. or to boost your career, PACC Atlanta is ready to help you succeed.

Career Services

The United States offers interesting career opportunities in many industry sectors and occupations and is thus also attractive for Polish job applicants. PACC Atlanta supports job applicants in finding permanent employment as well transferring employees to the U.S. We also recruit skilled, multilingual personnel for companies.

If you are looking to start your career in the U.S. we offer our members up-to-date notifications about current opportunities, assistance in every step of your application process and counseling on the different cultural and practical aspects of working in the U.S. PACC Atlanta also assists in the procurement of J-1 Exchange Visitor visas.

While you are already in the U.S. and looking to boost your career, our experienced HR professionals may help you achieve your career goals.

Internships and traineeships at Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta PACC Atlanta

Internships and traineeships

We can help you find an internship or traineeship in the U.S.

If you are a student, or about to start your career in the U.S., PACC Atlanta can help you search for available internships and traineeships posted by companies in our network. We will help you find your ideal internship, and arrange your J-1 visa.

Internships and traineeships

PACC Atlanta can facilitate your American internship or traineeship by arranging your J-1 visa. Don’t be intimidated by the paperwork because we are  happy to guide you through the process of obtaining your visa and will even assist in placing you with the right company.

The purpose of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program is to expose interns to American business practices and cultural norms through practical on-the-job training. In addition to learning business and social skills and improving English speaking and writing ability, the experience of living in a different country results in tremendous personal growth. In turn, employees of the host company gain the valuable experience of working with someone from a different cultural background, benefiting from the intern’s education and experience overseas as well as their understanding of the business culture of foreign companies with whom the host company might do business in the future. To apply for the J-1 Visa, please become a member first.

Business Development Services at Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta PACC Atlanta

Business Development

Our services aim to secure your company’s long-term success.

PACC Atlanta provides services to companies both from Poland and the U.S., supporting them in their international business activities. We can help you iron out any wrinkles in your business idea. Our business development and consulting services are characterized by excellent customer service, comprehensive expertise, and proximity to market. We are a trusted partner and all our services can be flexibly combined and tailored to your needs.

Business Workshops

PACC Atlanta offers members a unique opportunity to sound out business ideas before launching them. We do this through business workshops, where entrepreneurs can present their business plan, market strategy or organizational problem to a panel of highly accomplished professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds. The team asks tough questions and offers constructive feedback. After several hours of confidential workshop with round-table discussion, all contributing parties benefit in their understanding of effective business practice.

Site Selection

The complex nature of site selection requires a capable consultant familiar with the U.S. or European market environment. The professionals at the Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta can navigate you through this process capably. As an official representative of Polish industry their objective is to always provide independent and neutral advice. Our site selection consulting consists of a wide range of services that provide you valuable support on where to locate your U.S. or European business.

Feasibility Studies

Prior to a potential site selection and with respect to your specific needs, we can conduct an initial economic analysis evaluating the feasibility of starting up a U.S. or European/Polish business operation. Based on various operating costs and your business model, we will provide you with an overview of the comparative anticipated operating costs (wages, taxes, lease costs, cost of living, housing costs, utility costs, etc.) in a select range of state or metropolitan regions. With an investment decision of such significance, we can help you rule out unnecessary financial risks.

Business Representation Services at Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta PACC Atlanta

Business Representation

We can help to introduce or represent your business while connecting with other companies.

PACC Atlanta is dedicated to the advocacy of your business interests. We have the resources and services you need to get you started and on your way. We are a trusted partner and all services that we offer, can be flexibly combined and tailored to your needs.


Being part of a multi-disciplinary community allows our members to exchange ideas and share effective practices. Through cross-sector collaboration, new solutions to old problems often emerge. Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta strives to connect people when we see a possible win-win situation. Additionally, we provide member referrals to trusted professionals in all industries, including medical, financial, real estate, PR, marketing, and legal services.

Partner Search

Our Partner Search services features the opportunity to seek out sales and business partners in the United States or Europe/Poland using a direct and targeted approach. In this process, contacts are made to potential business partners throughout the United States or Europe using a project team from a variety of disciplines. Each member of the team has specialized industry and country-specific knowledge. The team communicates directly with companies decision-makers. After we have developed the business contacts your company wishes to make, should you request further assistance, we can accompany you in scheduling presentations and business negotiations. Prior to such meetings, you will be professionally coached by our team on subjects ranging from cultural to legal aspects, in addition to any other issues of relevance. Our knowledge is a key to yours business success.

Tradeshow Support and Assistance

In order to successfully develop markets in foreign countries, we recommend visiting the most important tradeshow events for the particular industry segment. The services we offer for Tradeshow Support and Assistance include the needed steps that should be taken to be prepared for attending a tradeshow. The services would include performing targeted research and contacting potential business partners, planning the trip and scheduling activities.

Market Entry Services at Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta PACC Atlanta

Market Entry

We have know-how to ensure successful market entry.

Our market entry services supports your market entry in the U.S. or Europe. With market analysis, targeted search for business partners or a virtual office, we facilitate your market entry activities.

Market Expension

Our services aim to support you with your U.S. or European/Polish market entry and secure your company’s long-term success. Especially for those companies that have little experience operating in the foreign market, it is crucial to conduct a thorough examination of the market potential and an analysis of the competitive situation. The goal of the market research is to identify barriers to market entry and to respond specifically to these aspects. Our years of experience and our comprehensive market entry research will enable you to make the best decisions for your company’s future, without major investments. The next step will be choosing the right international market entry strategy. PACC Atlanta will assist and guide you through the complex process of going abroad with your business. Our goal is your business success!

General Information Service

How do I import my products to the U.S.? What are my chances for success in the U.S.? Do I need a visa? PACC Atlanta has been supporting small, medium-sized and established companies with their activities in the U.S. or Europe/Poland. We are an experienced, trustworthy partner and can provide individual consultations. Our team know the particularities of both countries – U.S. and Poland, and are always ready to help with any questions you may have.

Establishing Subsidiary

Our Market Entry service enables you to open a subsidiary in the U.S. or Euroope without the need for investment in costly infrastructure. Using your own company name, you will receive a business address and a telephone number. A member of the PACC Atlanta full-time consulting staff will be assigned as the primary point of contact for you and your customers. Depending on your business’s industry focus and your existing network, you can choose an address in Atlanta or Warsaw.

HR Services at Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta PACC Atlanta

HR Services

We can help you find talented employees.

We guide you through the legal requirements for hiring and managing skilled employees.

HR Services

In addition to interns or trainees, PACC Atlanta will help you looking for the most qualified, bilingual employee candidates. Rest assured, our staff is always keeping an eye out for the brightest and sharpest young minds, and we are happy to provide recommendations as they cross our path.

International Assignments Support Program

International assignments can present challenges not only for the expatriate but also for the expat’s spouse and family. The successful integration of an accompanying spouse into the new environment is often a critical success factor and requires both careful preparation as well as a strong support structure in the new assignment country. Therefore, PACC Atlanta provides a range of services to ensure that the spouses and families receive the support they need to reach their personal goals.
Our intercultural expertise, vast experience and wide network enable us to provide tailored services that meet your personal needs and to support you effectively at all stages of the international assignment.

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