Dating with Ukrainian Women: What to Know to Avoid Gaps

Ukrainian brides have become more demanding, and foreign grooms – more suspicious. But they still can’t live without each other: for some females, it’s a chance to escape from the country, for men – to find an amazing wife.

“Ukrainian women are smiling, few of them smoke and use alcohol, and they have respect for a man,” many dating websites, designed for foreign grooms, write in English. Females from Ukraine always look great, are skillful lovers and caring mothers. At the same time, they are ready to be satisfied with basic things, since they are accustomed to a difficult life due to political & economic turbulence.

How do they present themselves online?

  • studio photos;
  • stylish outfits;
  • ceremonial hairstyles.

Foreigners obviously like such an approach. This is confirmed by the statistics: in the central registry office of Kiev, almost a thousand marriages with foreign men are registered annually.

What to do?

Previously, local girls were ready to marry anyone, just to leave the country. Today they have become rather picky, especially ladies from the capital. What is the proper solution?

  • When foreigners approach possible brides, they are advised to calm down their ardor and focus on finding not a 20-year-old nymph, but a peer or woman a little younger than themselves. In addition, they must consider not only Kyiv but the regions where brides are not so choosy.
  • Carefully prepare your self-presentation for the first date. For example, it is advised to start not with talks about your present career but with general background info.
  • At the first meetings, it is recommended not to disclose private details about the property, but to talk about family values. This position will help to weed out the users who are greedy for money, and secondly, show the lady that you are not buying a wife, but winning her soul.

Only truth

These measures of potential grooms are perceived by many brides without enthusiasm. But at least you will not have a reputation of a “storyteller.” Here is an experience of one woman: “I was introduced to a representative of German social business,” says Anna, a Lviv resident. Only at the fifth hour of communication, she understood that something was wrong. He pulled a sweater from his bag, smelling like a second-hand garment. She thought: “Well, a businessman cannot wear second-hand.” And she turned out to be right: for half a year this German lives in an Indian commune on parents’ money. Such was the social business.

Communication experience with potential husbands from abroad was great for Anna from Kyiv. She confessed that due to similar stories she became too suspicious. The woman everyone checked all the facts about the potential groom. “Recently, one assured me that he was a consul. I did not believe him. I checked his document and called the Embassy. And it turned out that he had said the truth.”

So as you see, happy ends are quite possible!

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