5 Signs That Your Date Goes to Hell

Unsuccessful date: how to predict a dead end?

It is important to understand in advance that something is wrong because no one wants to look silly. It often happens that you don’t like her, but you can’t just stop the session. It is also crucial to notice the various signs may say that this is not your type. One way or another, this is an exam, this is a test that you are either destined to pass or not.

Learn about possible gaps, since this article has a lot of useful tips. Do not be afraid to be tough, because otherwise, you can lose a lot of time and nerves, breaking off a relationship.

  1. You are upset and worried. It may be any situation that will push you to serious conclusions that this is not your soulmate at all. If there are any factors annoying you like awful music background, too bright makeup of the lady and your impression will be spoiled.
  2. You are sitting in a pleasant place, with nice music, the girl is super, but it’s time to pay a bill. And then you feel that all women are lured by money, that everyone wants only one thing, that all girls are terrible. You believe that finding the only one woman is very difficult, and your ex was exactly a bitch. And you are such a cool and poor guy, you cannot understand what is wrong with this world. If these thoughts disturb you, then it’s time to pay and leave, or at least not to meet again. The same applies to online dating. If the girl asks to pay for her mobile phone bill, and you have no enthusiasm, that means you don’t like her.

3. She is very proactive from the very beginning, but then you realize that this lady simply does not listen to you, don’t read your messages. She does not ask you about whether you want to add something else – maybe appoint the time of the new meeting. If she interrupts you and makes comments too much, this is not a very positive scenario. Such a sign is very negative. Avoid such situation in the future, be careful.

4. If you immediately read her “yes” to spend the night together, it’s better, of course, to refuse. Such adventures do not end well. The exception is the case when you love extreme.

5. She is the exact opposite of Mrs. “Shy.” Such ladies are very boring and ask for compliments endlessly. Of course, women like sweet words. But don’t believe they’re fascinating too much.  You will be either welcomed into the bed in the most primitive and stupid way or become a victim of manipulation.

Study this list and try to become a winner, not looser.

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